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Battle for British Islam

A BBC Panorama documentary from 12th January 2015 In its programme ‘Battle for British Islam’ the BBC exposed the fact that there is no difference between the so called conservative Muslims and extremists. The conservatives interviewed clearly said that Muslims should segregate themselves from the rest of the community and that [...]


Battle of Badr

From the time of The Holy Prophets (pbuh) migration from Makkah to Medina many skirmishes had taken place between Muslims and the people of Makkah. Badr was the first pitched battle between the two ‘parties’, as the Holy Quran puts it. We need to draw lessons from this incident and implement them in our lives as individuals and [...]


Women making progress in Pakistan

Pakistan Female Fighter Pilot Wins Battle of Sexes With an olive green head scarf poking out from her helmet, Ayesha Farooq flashes a cheeky grin when asked if it is lonely being the only war-ready female fighter pilot in the Islamic republic of Pakistan. Farooq, from Punjab province’s historic city of Bahawalpur, is one of 19 women [...]