The Holy Quran, the news, the bankers and the boat people

Many in the West say that there is no structure to the Holy Quran. They fall into this mistake because they try and read it like a history book or a story book. One could argue that there is no structure to a book of mathematics; one chapter is about addition, next subtraction, next multiplication etc.
We can only find a structure in the Holy Quran if we understands what it is about. Take the example of news on the TV. We could say there is no structure to them because unlike a film all the items are unrelated. But once we understand that the news are not like a film but tell us the important events of the day from different part of the world we understand the structure. The applies to the Holy Quran.
We also look at the news items from one day; banks being fined for manipulating exchange and interest rates, Muslim trying to flee persecution being turned away by Muslim countries to see if there is a relationship between these items.
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[Video] Fixing Interest Rates and Bankers Bonuses

Recently we had the banks colluding to fix interest rates, earlier on we had the scandal of bankers’ bonuses and then there was the scandal of expense claims by British Members of Parliament.

Laws are being made to deal with these as individual problems but no one has given any thought to the crux of the problem.

We look at Chapter 2 Verse 276, and Chapter 30 Verse 39 of The Holy Quran to explain how Islam deals with these issues.