Hazrat Ayesha’s Marriage

What was Hazrat Ayesha’s age at the time of her marriage to the Holy Prophet?

Critics of Islam have often point at the reported age of Hazrat Ayesha at the time she was married to the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The Lahore Ahmadiyya were one of the very first to do some proper research into what her age must have been, and the evidence showed she must have been much older than the suggested age of six.

In the video above we look at this topic again, and give new evidence to show that Hazrat Ayesha became engaged to the Holy Prophet at 16 and not 6 and that she married him when she was 21.

The Age of Hazrat Ayesha

The most controversial issue circling around the Holy Prophet (saw) is the age of Ayesha (ra) at the time of her marriage with the Holy Prophet (saw).

Detractors of Islam have blown this out of proportion and used it as much as they can to tarnish the image of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Here is an article which along with using some of our research goes into more detail as to the real age of Hazrat Ayesha.