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What Are the Real Motives of Groups Like ISIS

Analysis of every terrorist attack suggests that religion is a mask for the real intention of controlling resources and land It is a common belief that groups like ISIS are motivated by their radical theology, a twisted version of Islam and their aim is for this “islam” to be forced on to the Worlds population. Robert Pape, a scientist [...]


Carnage in Paris

There are no words which can express the horror and disgust everyone feels at the heinous crime committed in Paris yesterday. There are no words strong enough to denounce the mass murder of the innocent men and women going about their daily lives. Whoever perpetrates such acts and where ever those deeds are committed must be condemned in the [...]


Press Release: Attack on Tunisia

We strongly condemn the heinous attacks on innocent people whether in France or Kuwait or Tunisia and urge the government to use all its resources to track the killers of innocent British nationals and bring them to justice. We should all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, stand up and say that these jihadists or Islamists are using the name of [...]


Muslims should NOT apologise for the Paris attacks

Was Paris an attack on our freedoms? Should all Muslims apologise for the acts of these killers? In this khutba Mr Shahid Aziz, the President, of the UK Jamaat examines the events of the 7th January 2015 when masked men broke into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people in an apparent attempt to revenge the cartoons the magazine [...]



Photo credit: Reuters/Khuram Parvez Earlier this week, millions of people looked on in horror as the news filtered in of the devastating attack by the Pakistan Taliban on a school in Peshawar. 132 students were killed in an attack which specifically targeted as many children as possible. In total 148 people are believed to have been killed [...]


UK President condemns attack on synagogue

It is reported today 18th November 2014 that two men armed with axes, knives and a pistol have killed four Israelis and wounded several others in a Jerusalem synagogue where those attacked had gathered for worship and prayer. We strongly condemn all such attacks on innocent people and on a place of worship. Such attacks are against not just [...]


Map of Mosque incidents & attacks between 2012-2013

In January this year one of our members gave a speech about the Lee Rigby murder and how it was a vehicle being used by unknown extremists to create a racial divide between people in the UK. These people wanted this horrendous murder, to cause the maximum possible impact and to generate a backlash against law abiding Muslims living throughout [...]


Attacks on Boston – How Should Muslims React

In light of the recent convictions of three Muslims in the UK of planning to attempt large scale terror attacks in England and the very recent Boston attacks, we look at how Muslims are meant to respond to people who act in a bad way. “Help your brother whether he does something good or something bad.” This was the Holy Prophet’s [...]


[Video] Islam and Terrorism

The world seems to have double standards; those which apply to Muslims and those which apply to the rest. If US drone attacks kill the innocent in Pakistan it is collateral damage but if a Muslim bomb kills innocent people it is terrorism. Can someone explain to us why? It is the hypocrisy of this approach that angers Muslims. All they ask [...]


Persecution of Ahmadis continues despite attacks

LAHORE: Persecution of Ahmadi community continues even after the worst ever attacks on their worship places in Lahore in May last year. A few weeks back, a terrorist blew himself up outside an Ahmadi place of worship in Mughalpura area. The terrorist had been caught red-handed and released by police some time back. Daily Times had, in December [...]