Animal welfare & Halal meat

Today’s ‘The Sun’ headline screamed “Halal secret of Pizza Express”, in an effort we can only assume to anger their core readership into hating anything to do with Islam more than they already do. And this after social media went crazy about the news that some Subway restaurants in the UK were selling halal meat only, and removing from sale products which contain pork.

This all comes off the back of the Danish Government banning halal and kosher meat from being produced in their country in an effort to safeguard animal rights.

The word halal, due to ignorant media reporting, has become synonymous with animal cruelty and there are concerted efforts by some in the UK to also have meat produced in a halal manner banned here.

So in this Khutba we look at what the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) say about animal rights and their treatment, and show that the reality is that under Islamic guidance animals would suffer far less than they currently do at the hands of human beings.

Climate Change

Shayaan talks about the devastating effects that climate change is having on the Earth, not just from a monetary point of view but from the impact on human and animal life. He then goes on to explain what The Holy Quran has to say about climate change.

Change of Gender

The Promised Messiah wrote in one of his books regarding change of gender in the animal kingdom.

Many people who know nothing of Zoology have been making fun of these statement. Here we look at whether living organisms can change their gender.