Americans angry at seeing Muslim woman on their TV

Muslim woman in Jeep advert During this years Super Bowl in America, a US car manufacturer showcased their latest television advert. But they made the terrible mistake of showing a Muslim woman on TV.

The advert is set to the tune of the traditional folk song ‘This Land is Your Land’, and shows various landscapes from across America and the World. Everything was fine until the advert suddenly shows the smiling face of a women with a headscarf.

This was too much for some Americans who quickly turned to twitter and Youtube to post their disgust at having being subjected to a Muslim without warning. Only a few weeks after a million people marched in Paris during a ‘free speech’ rally, some Americans are demanding that Muslims be completely removed from sight.

Sunday Telegraph lies for good ‘Angry Muslims’ story?

Steve Jones

It seems that the Sunday Telegraph writers may have been naughty little journalists and misreported what Professor Steve Jones actually said at the Hay Festival.

I guess as Muslims we should not be surprised that a national newspaper has misreported on an issue about Islam.

Below is a letter from Professor Jones confirming what he actually said at the Hay Festival.

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