Prayer can surmount all calamities

At this very moment members of our jamaat in some parts of the world are under threat and under attack. We look at some instances from the life of the Promised Messiah (as) where an individual was at death’s door but when the Promised Messiah prayed to Allah for his recovery the person recovered. This shows that when faced with great calamities, people sincerely turn to Allah, He listens to their supplications and protects them. This applies to us and our brothers facing these attacks on their existence. May Allah protect them all.

Friends of Allah

In this khutba Hazrat Ameer shows from chapter 2 verse 257 of the Holy Quran that Allah is closer to us than our life vein. If we recognise this and become His friends He brings His friends out of darkness into light. For those who choose the evil ones as their friends they will be taken away from the light and lead into darkness.

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Why has Allah banned gambling

Games of chance and intoxicants are banned in Islam, but why?

Verses 2:129 and 5:90 and 91 are quoted to show that the Holy Quran gives a balanced view of the reasons for forbidding intoxicants and games of chance – both have some good but their harm is greater than the good they do. In the UK while Weatherspoons, a company that operates ‘pubs’, places where intoxicants are supplied, announces a 37% increase in profits, medical research is published to show the detrimental affect that consumption of intoxicants has on the foetus.

The question about why everyone should be forbidden to consume intoxicants while harm is done to only a few is also answered.

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What does ‘believing in’ involve?

Is it enough just to say I am a Muslim?

The Holy Quran explains in detail what ‘believing in’ involves and what change Allah requires us to make to our lives. We must stop doubting in Allah’s Power and in the truth of what we believe in. And we must expend all our resources, wealth and even our lives in taking His message to the World.

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How to lead a good life

We read from Mulfoozat Volume 7, where the Promised Messiah continues to describe how one may meet a ‘good’ end to one’s life. One must keep the company of the righteous so that they inspire in his heart the fervor to do good, obey Allah and serve humanity.

Christians upset about Preachers apparent claims on Allah

A short time ago a Malaysian court wrongly decided that Christians could not apply the name Allah to the Divine Being they worship. There were the usual shouts of ‘intolerant Islam’ in the Western media when this decision was handed down.

Just as recently an American Preacher, Brian Houston, caused great upset when he was deemed to have suggested that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God (Allah).

He said the following;

How do you view God in a desert? There’s two types of birds. There’s vultures, and there’s hummingbirds. One lives off dead carcasses, rotting meat.

The other lives off the beautiful, sweet, nectar in a particular flower, on a particular desert plant, in the same desert. They both find what they’re looking for.

Do you know—take it all the way back into the Old Testament—and the Muslim and you, we actually serve the same God. Allah, to a Muslim; to us, Abba Father, God.

But quickly attempted to clarify his position via Facebook and distanced himself from his original claim, and sought to appease Christians by saying that Muslims and Christians do not follow the same God.

This clarification by Mr Brian Houston however has still been met with distain in some quarters with suggestions that he is backtracking on his claim due to the backlash from Christians who are upset that he suggests they follow the same God as Muslims.

The website Uprising Ministries goes to great lengths breaking down the two statements from Mr Houston further condemning a man because he suggested that Christians believe in the same God as Muslims.

So my question is, where is the Media furore over this? Why has no media outlet in the West picked up on this story and run with how intolerant Christians are? I will leave you, the reader, to decide why.

How to overcome your low desires

We read from the sayings of The Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad which have been compiled into books known as Mulfoozat.

Here he talks about how a person can overcome their low desires and specifically talks about supplication to Allah.

When will you serve Allah? – Part 3

We continue reading from Mulfoozat Volume 7, pages 358 and 359 where The Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad carries on with his speech regarding the age at which people will turn to serving Allah.

When will you serve Allah?

In this speech delivered at an annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya jamaat Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, reminds members that a person’s age may be divided into three parts. First stage is of childhood when he is weak and has little knowledge of the world and the hereafter. He cannot therefore serve Allah in any meaningful way. The second stage is when he is an adult and he gained knowledge of the world and knows what the greater objective is. However, the temptations of this world are such that he forsakes the pursuit of the higher objectives for the sake of the riches of this world. The Third stage is again when he is weak in mind and body and unable to serve Allah.

God & Allah are different

I would advise caution here. It is true Muslims worship one and merciful God. However, this sentence suggests that the two conceptions of God are equal. Yet in Christianity God is the Trinity in its essence, plurality united by love: He is a bit more than just clemency and mercy. We have two quite different conceptions of the Divine One. Muslims characterize God as inaccessible. The Christian vision of the Oneness of the Trinity emphasizes that God is Love which is communicated: Father-Son-Spirit, or Lover-Beloved-Love, as St. Augustine suggested.

Sometime ago we published news that in Malaysia some clerics have been upset by use of the name Allah by the Christians.

This development was roundly denounced around the World, and we also provided evidence to show why. What doesn’t get publicised though are the debates Christians have on similar issues.

In the link below is a debate among Catholics regarding whether the Pope was correct to say that God of Islam and God of Christianity are the same. It seems that many Catholics believe that they are different. If that is the case then should they be using the name Allah for their Divine Being?

Original Source: The American Catholic