Pakistan Has a Drinking Problem

Members of Parliament and law enforcers and industrialists and bureaucrats and young professionals and even some religious scholars can drink with impunity. A taxi driver trying to score a beer on the go risks a jail term or losing his eyesight to moonshine.

It’s a law-and-order issue, you see. The rich drink in their own homes and frolic or puke on their own lawns, but the assumption is that if the poor get drunk in public spaces, they’ll make a nuisance. Which is why those who can afford fine scotches can also afford to give everyone else lectures about our religious duties. It seems that those who suck the blood of poor people want to make sure it’s not tainted with cheap alcohol.

From The New York Times

Smoking & Islam

In the above Khutba we try once again to tackle the issue of smoking and to show why and how smoking is forbidden in Islam.

After a speech last year during the month of Ramadan, some people still refused to accept that smoking is indeed haraam so in this speech we can tackled the issue from a slightly different angle and we hope now that people will stop making excuses and will act swiftly to stop smoking to save not only themselves but those around them.