[Video] Why Ahmadiyyat is a necessity?

In a TV programme which a a law based drama shown on BBC a Muslim was questioned about what he does if his wife displeases him. He said he treats her in accordance with Islamic law.

He was then asked if he meant that “he has a quiet word with her, then if that doesn’t work, withdraws his sexual favours and even if that does not work then gives her a light beating”. He replied “yes”. It is true that this was a fiction but the statement quoted above is the general Muslim belief and public perception of Islam.

It was to correct such ideas that the Promised Messiah arose and so long as such misconceptions exist so will the need for the Ahmadiyya Movement.

Qadianis ashamed of their beliefs

Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, commonly known as Qadianis, when asked say that they regards every person who recites the kalima as Muslims.

But when confronted with statements of their founder Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, they change tack and admit they regard as Muslims only members of their own organisation.

If the Qadianis are sincere and honest why do they hide their true beliefs and trick people?

Our video discussed this issue further.


Women are subservient to Men

In a Sunday morning TV programme in the UK, The Big Question, the presenter translated 4:34 of the Holy Quran as “Men are in-charge of women” whereas the correct translation is “Men are maintainers of women”.

We have checked a number of translations of the Holy Quran by Muslims and by non Muslims, and they all translate this verse as ‘Men are maintainers/providers/sustainers of women’. This includes translations of the Holy Quran by such critics as Rodwell and Sale.

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Is there really freedom of speech in the West?

Whenever Muslims complain about unfair press coverage etc the Western world always says we have total freedom of expression and propagation.

Here we examine whether it is really true and how Muslims should react to criticism, even abuse.


Is America really a secular state?

An interesting article was written on The Washington Post website recently.

It discusses the role of religion in US politics. In theory the US is a secular state and religion plays no part in the affairs of the state. In practice, Christians, especially the conservatives, use their numerical strength to ban ideas they do not approve of, particularly in school teaching.

You can read the original article here

State of Muslims in the Punjab in the 1800s Final Part

This is the final video completing the series.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad explains how Muslims benefited from British rule.

It was under this rule that printing became common place as well as peaceful religious debate which enabled Muslims to learn arguments proving Islams superiority over other religions.


Sunnis use Ahmadi research to defend the Holy Prophet

Ahmadis are condemned by Sunnis as non Muslims, they have been brutally murdered and abused in countries like Pakistan, and yet Sunnis use Ahmadi teachings and research to regularly defend Islam.

Sunnis believe that the Holy Prophet Muhammad married Hazrat Ayesha when she was six years of age.

This is frequently used by Christians to attack the Holy Prophet. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad was the first person to challenge this erroneous belief. Other Ahmadi scholars such as Mr Ghulam Nabi Muslim then furthered his research. The research was translated from Urdu into English by Mr Masud Akhtar Chaudry, an assistant imam of the UK jamaat and an editor of The Light, the organ of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

Here is a link to a Sunni website which has taken this English translation to defend Islam.


Welcome to the True Islam, brothers.

So called Muslims “clerics” get it wrong again!

Recently I spotted a news article in the Express which was discussing how Muslims were no longer able to pray in their prayer hall in London’s City University as it had been closed due to an incident were four students were attacked outside the building.

The reason this made the news was that the Muslims had resorted to praying out in the street, and had rejected the use of a multi faith prayer room because the so called ‘Muslim clerics’ said that they could not worship in a room where other religions also prayed.

The clerics who say that Muslims cannot pray where followers of other religions have prayed are wrong. Continue reading

Muhammad – The Light of the Universe

The Holy Quran tells us that Allah sent down two things; one a light and the other the Holy Quran.

What then is the light that was sent by Allah?

That light was the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He is the light because the Holy Prophet brought people from darkness into light and because he shed light on how to act on the commandments of the Holy Book. The Quran commands us to pray and the Holy Prophet showed us how to pray, for example.