A Modern Day Sacrifice

We all know of the sacrifice made by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and his family during this time. On the command of Allah he was prepared to give up his son because he was commanded to do so.

But how does this message from Allah relate to our modern times? How will todays youth respond to such a message?

With Eid ul Adha rapidly approaching us Faizaan Ahmad gives a short speech in the above video on the meaning of sacrifice. He looks at the traditional meaning of the word and puts it into the perspective of the youth today and what they do and how those small or large acts can be described as sacrifice.

The meaning of Eid ul Adha

The Holy Quran can be divided into injunctions i.e. commandments to do or not to do some things and examples i.e. what happens to people who follow Allah’s injunctions and those who do not.

The Holy Quran tells us to sacrifice those things that we love most when commanded by Allah. The importance of the story of Hazrat Ibrahim being asked to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismael is given to show us that it is possible for human beings to act upon this injunction and the glory bestowed upon them in this world and the next.