Muslims murder Christian after he was falsely accused of affair with Muslim girl

In Pakistan, hundreds of Christian girls are raped and forcefully converted by the Muslims but if any Christian man does such thing, he is sentenced to death and even the Muslim girl is also apostated. Religious minority is facing this discriminatory law every day while living in Pakistan.

The article above is truly shocking. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) is being dishonoured in the name of Islam

London mosque accused of links to ‘terror’ in Pakistan

A south London mosque is at the centre of allegations it helped promote of acts of terror and hate in Pakistan.

Leaflets circulating in Pakistan calling for the murder of members of the Ahmadi Muslim sect directed readers to a website naming Stockwell Mosque.

The website mentioned on the leaflets in turn advised people with queries to contact the mosque in Stockwell.

Angry trustees at the mosque said its name had been misused and it had no links to the Pakistani organisation.

Trustee Toaha Qureshi said: “We don’t have any linkage with this organisation which is promoting hate.”

Minority communities in Pakistan have become targets of intense discrimination and even assassination.

A full scale assault by Jihadi gunmen on an Ahmadi mosque in Lahore in May 2010 left 93 people dead and a whole community terrorised.

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