Contradictions in the Holy Quran

Our Sunni brothers say that there are contradictory verses in the Holy Quran and these contradictions can only be removed by declaring some verses to have been abrogated. There is no authority or view about how many verses are abrogated or which verses they are. Some people have said that 512 verses of the Holy Quran are abrogated. Imam Sayyuti discussed these and brought the number of verses down to 21! Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah discussed these 21 and brought the number of abrogated verses down further to 5.

In this podcast we look at and explain why no verse of the Holy Quran is, or can ever be abrogated.

Sunnis believe parts of the Holy Quran are Abrogated

While claiming on the one hand that the Holy Quran is perfect, immutable and eternal the Sunnis also believe that parts of it have been cancelled! The only group which believes that the Holy Quran is perfect and complete are the Lahori Ahmadis. Here Dr Zahid Aziz comments on an article in the Middle Eastern Review which deals with the theory of Abrogation.