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Muslim student harassed at hearing about mosque

A Muslim student journalist covering a hearing in Tennessee about a mosque cemetery was harassed and told that Islam was “not a religion” and she was “scary.” Noor Tagouri was in Tennessee covering a hearing about a mosque cemetery that was upsetting people when she was harassed by opponents of the cemetery and former [...]


What’s ‘Muslim’ about Muslim Politicians?

Like most if not all ‘Muslim’ politicians, the notion of being Muslim is one that is advertised only if it serves some political utility such as identifying with voters or playing the point woman/man on diversity. To be fair, no Muslim politician, and in actuality we mean Asian politician, actually claims to represent the faith or be driven [...]


Muslim Rage Is About Politics, Not Religion

Thousands of cellphone subscribers in Pakistan received an anonymous text message recently announcing a miracle: an earthquake on Tuesday, Sept. 18, had destroyed the Washington, D.C. movie theater that was exhibiting Innocence of Muslims, the controversial film that has triggered violent protests in several Muslim countries. An email version [...]