Hazrat Ameer’s 2014 Eid ul Adha message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Assalaam-o-Alaikum Wa Rakhmatullahi Wa Barakaato Hoo

When his Lord said to him, Submit, he said: I submit myself to the Lord of the worlds. (2:131)

Neither their flesh, nor their blood, reaches Allah, but to Him is acceptable observance of duty on your part. Thus has He made them (the animals) subservient to you, that you may magnify Allah for guiding you aright. And give good news to those who do good (to others). (22:37)

Eid ul Adha is here, reminding us again of the spirit of sacrifice embodied by Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail (may Allah be pleased with them). Every person, irrespective of age, joins the Eid festivity, having his own reason to celebrate this day; the reasons range from physical joy to spiritual experiences. Allah has blessed us with physical senses to express the joy and happiness we experience. Whilst such joy is confined only to the physical being for some, in Islam the expression of joy must be spiritual as well. Continue reading