The Virtual Mosque

Map of Mosque incidents & attacks between 2012-2013

In January this year one of our members gave a speech about the Lee Rigby murder and how it was a vehicle being used by unknown extremists to create a racial divide between people in the UK. These people wanted this horrendous murder, to cause the maximum possible impact and to generate a backlash against law abiding Muslims living throughout [...]


Hazrat Ameer’s Message for Ramadan

Dear Sisters and Brothers, The Holy month of Ramadan is here and we thank our Creator to have given us another opportunity in our lives to observe the spiritual duty to fast and pray and seek His pleasure and nearness. As the verse I have cited above states, this is the month in which the Qur’an, a guidance to humankind was revealed. We [...]


Ramadan Timetable 2012

We have compiled the Ramadan timetable for you as usual which you can see embedded below or you can download and print off for easy reference. Please note that this timetable applies only to the UK, and it is based on sunrise and sunset times in London.