The 1974 NA proceedings on the Ahmadi

While the deep state is recognised and rightly so for its nefarious role in keeping the general will of the people subservient to the vested interests of those who hold the strings, it must also be stated that some of our worst decisions have had nothing to do with the deep state. Consider the role of Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) in 1974 when it declared Ahmadis to be out of the fold of Islam, which has since created sectarian monsters in Pakistan of which there seems to be no solution any more.

The above article gives a brief insight into the shameful legal proceedings in 1974 which ended with the Ahmadiyya being declared as ‘out of the fold of Islam’.

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[Video] A Day of Shame

A day of Shame: 7th September 1974 is celebrated in Pakistan as a great day – a day of great achievement. And what was that achievement? It was on this day that the National Assembly of Pakistan whose building was surrounded by the a mob which threatened to burn it down if Ahmadis were not declared non-Muslims, caved in. It decided that a group of Muslims who recite the kalmia, perform Islamic devotions and are for all practical purposes Muslim, are not so. So, it is no longer up to an individual to decide what his faith is. It was a very dangerous thing to do and a day of Shame for Muslims of Pakistan.