Sunnis turn to our interpretation of Islam and reform

For over one hundred years the Lahore Ahmadiyya have been saying that it is unlawful for a married man to simply say the word divorce three times consecutively to affect a divorce from his wife. Our Sunni brothers have consistently rejected our interpretation until a few days ago when the Pakistan Council for Islamic Ideology finally recommended that the ‘three in one’ divorce is invalid and attempts to use it can be classified as a criminal offence.

Last year the Pakistani religious courts threw out a case of rape because the only evidence to support the case was DNA. We gave a Khutba (Friday Sermon) to prove that the court was wrong. Now the Pakistani Senate has passed a law admitting DNA into evidence in these cases.

It may be happening very slowly but our Sunni brothers (whether they admit it or not) are turning to our interpretation of Islam as their guidance.

One thought on “Sunnis turn to our interpretation of Islam and reform

  1. Interestingly the same courts which declared a muslim minority as Kafirs have now adopted the explanation of the quranic verse according to the “Kafirs”. What a turn around!

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