Sunnis plagiarise Lahore Ahmadi translation of the Holy Quran

It seems that Sunnis are happy to call us all sorts of nasty names, and to condemn, verbally abuse and imprison us in various countries around the world. But that does not stop them from plagiarising the works of our members!

The English translation of the Quran attributed to the name M. H. Shakir has been widely available in print since the 1980s. It is probably the most widely accessible on websites, including reputable academic websites such as the following:

University of Virginia Librabry
University of Michigan, University Library
University of South California, Muslim Students Association (USC-MSA)

A comparison shows the Shakir translation to be an entire and wholesale plagiarism of the first, 1917, edition of the English translation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali

You can read all the evidence on how Sunnis have plagiarised our original translation by going to this PDF.

Sunnis plagiarise Lahore ahmadi translation of the Holy Quran

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