Sunnis heading to court once again


Not being able to converse with us on a religious and intellectual level, the Sunnis are once again going to court in an attempting to get ruling to declare Ahmadis as kafirs.

The First South Africa Case was a direct confrontation between Lahori-Ahmadis and Sunnis. At first the Sunnis tried to have the case dismissed on technical grounds and they had some success in it. The case was reduced to Mr Ismail Peck versus MJC but the substantive issue, whether Ahmadis are Muslims, remained. On the day that this substantive issue was to be discussed the Sunnis withdrew from the case saying that a non-Muslim court has no right to discuss Islamic issues.

Now the Sunnis of India have done a volta face and demanded from a Hindu government that it treat Ahmadis as kafirs. So it seems that Sunnis do not have any principles but bend with the wind about what are, or are not, Islamic principles.

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