Sunnis fail to protect the honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s)

In the Big Questions, a programme aired by BBC1 on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am on 29th May 2011 a Christian preacher was asked whether the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) was in heaven. His answer, and may Allah forgive us for saying so, was NO. There were a number of Sunnis present, one the imam of the Sunni mosque in the Tooting area of London, who were totally silent. They said nothing. They did not speak out to condemn this statement. They did not defend the Holy Prophet. In short, they did nothing at all. These are the people who accuse us of dishonouring the Holy Prophet (s). How disgraceful is such behaviour! It seems to us that the Sunnis are only concerned with using such excuses to further their political agenda and are not really bothered if our beloved prophet is dishonoured by people. May Allah save us all from such hypocrisy.

4 thoughts on “Sunnis fail to protect the honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s)

  1. Continued….1400 years ago, the Christians and Jews were existent before the final revelations came to prophet Mohammed pbuh. They could not reform an Arab nation so it was the prophet who lifted the whole nation from degradation to spiritual rising. And he I believe deserves a place in heaven.

    So to conclude, the prophet is going to heaven beCause hell is not eternal. And his pious and faithful character deserves a place in heaven.

  2. It’s clear that the priest made a ignorant comment without referring to his scriptures or the holy Quran to support his myth. All he has to do is do a quick search on google on Prophet Mohammed pbuh to get an insight to his life before her ridicules himself.

    I will attempt to answer this question. What is heaven? According to the Quran, heaven is a place go when your good deeds preponderates your evil deeds. In al baqarah, Allah says it is a place where gardens in which river flows. It is a metaphor which means the river represents your good deeds and the river his your faith. Allah knows peoples circumstances and situations and he knows best. According to Islam he’ll is only a place to reform you so you can be fit to enter heaven. He’ll is not a permanent place,

    Will Prophet Mohammed go to heaven? The Quran holds a trust worthy account of the prophet. He was a pious man who loved the poor, needy and the orphans. His character was uncommon 1400 years ago amongst the Quraish. They we’re steeped deep in the worst form of idolatry, women were treated as a mere chattel,There was no law and order. It was for this reason the call to duty came to the prophet from the high god to reform his country. He was a true exemplar of that.

  3. hahahahaha check you out Stephanie. Only ever comments here making derogatory comments and then vanishes……Will you complain that your comment has been deleted again when it hasn’t? Will you slag off Islam because you think your comment was deleted this time? Do you simply run away when your wrong…Surely someone from the “civilized West” should have the manners and decency to apologise?

    Slavery/Sex slavery/pedophilia?? Sounds like you are describing Britain or America….white male paedo rings are still being caught to this day!! Not to mention the Priests and other Christian religious leaders…Other “white” nations have sexual consent ages as young as 12 for girls!!!

    Mafia tax – You mean like the tax we are forced to pay to pay for the police and national forces who protect us?

    Legacy of cruelty and murder – You mean like the wars on Iraq (where are those WMDs??) or Afghanistan?

    Marrying war booty – Well how about arresting people, torturing them, stripping them naked, blindfolding them and then having your pictures taken with them…..Or gang rapes by American armed forces on women…How about dropping a bomb from miles in the air killing 15 innocent people just so one bad guy can be killed??

  4. He didnt say anything because then he would have to defend slavery and sex-slavery as war booty, pedophilia, raids on the unsuspecting for war booty, beheading Jews for being Jews, “marrying” your war booty after slaughtering their father and husband (taking her to bed the same night you slaughter her husband!), mafia tax otherwise known as “protection money; jizya) on non-Muslims, and the list goes on and on, but mainly the legacy of murder and cruelty and suffering of humans Muhammed has inspired for 1400 years! So, no someone like that, as your Muhammed was by your own accounts, is not in heaven. Sorry. Anyone not blind could deduct that!

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