Sunnis copying Lahori Ahmadi teaching

The Sunnis say that Jihad in the sense of fighting non-Muslims is a fundamental duty of all Muslims. They accuse the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, of violating Islamic teaching by abrogating Jihad. The Promised Messiah did not do so. He said that it is true that Jihad is a fundamental duty of every Muslim but its true meaning is to exert oneself in support of Islam. This should be done, firstly, by non-violent means. Jihad, meaning armed struggle, is a duty only if restrictions are being placed on the Muslims in their religious observances or propagation. Interestingly, France has banned hijab which the Sunnis believe to be a fundamental part of Islam but yet no Sunni has declared jihad against the French!

In the link below, a fatwa by Dr Tahir Al Qadri echoes words of the Promised Messiah. He even says that terrorists are heretics. However, he needs to define terrorism and terrorist which he has not done. We also challenge him to say whether or not the Promised Messiah was right to condemn such actions.

Sheikh issues fatwa against all terrorists

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