Sunni claims disproved again

British Muslims

Sunni Muslims say that the Ahmadiyya Movement was a creation of the British with the aim of making Muslims loyal citizens. They also say that the Ahmadis supported the British. This article from the BBC News website shows that Sunnis were joining the British army and coming to Europe in support of British Empire, fighting its enemies and dying for it. At that time the Woking Muslim and Mission were run by the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam of Lahore. Its imams conducted the funeral prayers of these Sunnis without regard for the fact that in India their co-religists were persecuting their brothers.

2 thoughts on “Sunni claims disproved again

  1. Sunnis are the ones who keep bringing this matter up as an attack against the Lahori Ahmadis. So we are bringing to light the actual facts.

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