[Series] Part One – What We Stand For

This is a three part series being published over three days in which we will be giving a brief explanation of the beliefs and objectives of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha‘at Islam of Lahore and an invitation to all Muslims to join us in the cause of propagation of Islam.

This series has been taken from ‘The Ahmadiyya Doctrines’ by Maulana Muhammad Ali.

Part one answers the question of what we stand for, and we have neatly broken it down to the following eleven points;

1 A United Islam, in which no one is a Kafir who declares his faith in the holy Kalima.

2 A Liberal Islam which accepts the Divine origin of all the religions of the world.

3 A Perfect Islam before which every imperfect form of religion must give way.

4 An Easy Quran which every Muslim can understand and interpret for himself.

5 A Complete Quran, no verse of which has ever been, or shall ever be, abrogated.

6 A Mighty Quran whose spiritual force is sure to conquer the world and which in its conquest has never needed, nor shall ever need, the sword.

7 The Finality of Prophethood with Muhammad, peace be on him, admitting the coming of no prophet after him, neither old nor new.

8 The Perfection of Prophethood with Muhammad, so that his followers receive Divine favours higher than those bestowed upon others before them.

9 The wholesale Reformation of all evils that have crept in among the Muslims, even priestcraft or Mulladom.

10 The Defence of Islam against all attacks, meeting all objections, removing all misconceptions.

11 Carrying the Great Message of Islam to all peoples especially to Christendom, and spreading true knowledge about the Holy Quran and circulating the Holy Book among Muslims as well as non Muslims.

Part two of this series will go into more substantial details of our beliefs and will be published tomorrow.

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