Segregation & Islam

…However, what the controversy has again revealed is a profound concern about interpretations of Islam that conflict with a modern civil liberties agenda. Further, political correctness, sensitivity to charges of Islamophobia and commercial considerations (it has been suggested that segregated meetings appeal to overseas Muslim students vital for university finances) block discussions about what should and shouldn’t be inviolate in British society. In a multicultural society, what is the “norm”?

In March, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) held a public debate, Islam or Atheism: which makes more sense?, at University College London. The audience was segregated, and those who objected were ordered to leave. One speaker, US scientist Lawrence Krauss, walked out and returned only when integration was permitted.

The saying ‘A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend’, is worth remembering. Foolish friends of Islam who insists on making un-Islamic cultural practices a part of Islam are bringing Islam into disrepute.

The above quote from a long Guardian article is yet another example which shows how these foolish friends hypocracy is damaging Islam.

Original Source: The Guardian

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