Seek ye, Allah

Allah has provided us with Guidance about how to seek and find Him. If we choose to ignore His Guidance then the fault lies with us and not with Allah.

An example of this is the sight granted to man. But to be able to see we need to have our eyes open and for there to be light. If a person wants to keep his eyes closed and still to see then he is not following Allah’s Guidance. He has provided this Guidance because He loves mankind and knows that without such Guidance man will not be able to reach Him.
But he loves all creation and provides the whole creation with His Guidance. The rest of creation has no choice but to follow Allah’s Guidance. It is humankind that is provided with the Guidance and given the choice of whether or not to follow it. Allah has made known to man His attributes and He wants us to follow those attributes such as being forgiving, merciful, kind etc.

2 thoughts on “Seek ye, Allah

  1. The question does not arise because we believe the Holy Quran clearly states that Jesus is dead. As we do not believe he is alive the question of “if he is alive” does not arise.

  2. Assalaam alaikum, yesterday, i asked my question but you haven’t replyed me yet.Let me ask again, Is it true that the ahmadi believe that if jesus(as) is stil alive, he must be God?, please clarifie it to me bacause if at all its your belief, then itis so aquard.

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