Saudi Arabia’s Mistake in announcing Eid on Tuesday

My thanks to Mrs J. Khan for forwarding us the following news:

Saudi Arabia’s Mistake in Announcing Eid al-Fitr Angers Muslims Worldwide

which begins:

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Jeddah Astronomy Society’s mistake in sighting of
the new moon in Saudi Arabia has angered the many Muslim nations who
followed suit and pronounced Tuesday as Eid al-Fitr wrongly. The
society had said that people actually saw the planet Saturn and not
the crescent moon that marks the beginning of the Islamic month of


On the other hand, we have the following news from Saudi Arabia in

Astronomer threatened with lawsuit for doubting Eid moon sighting
which says:

“JEDDAH: A number of conservative scholars have threatened to sue
Saudi astronomer and scientist Khaled Al-Zaaq for doubting the
testimony of citizens who reported to the Hilal panel (moon sighting
committee) that the Shawwal crescent was visible on Ramadan 29 (Aug.

After confirming the veracity of the sighting by the people who had
reported to the panel, the committee declared the end to the fasting
month of Ramadan and signaled the advent of Eid Al-Fitr the next day

Comment by Dr. Zahid Aziz:

So now we have a conflict: Did they see the moon or was it Saturn?

My solution: Please declare that Saturn is the moon. As you have
declared Ahmadis to be non-Muslim, you are equally entitled to declare
the planet Saturn as being the moon that orbits the earth!

6 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia’s Mistake in announcing Eid on Tuesday

  1. Muhammad your comment holds no substance as its obvious you are ignorant on the topic you have mentioned. Also noting that it has nothing to do with the post here which talks about the vile nonsense coming out of Saudi Arabia….

    There are two types of Ahmadis, and the ones running this site are the Lahori Ahmadis. They have quite categorically stated that your Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet. In fact they seem to be the only “true” Muslims as they are the ones who dont believe Jesus will come back…..

    Now as a Christian you should be embarrassed that I know more about Islam than you do as a Muslim!!

  2. Ahmadis are non-Muslims without the slightest of doubt. It’s a no-brainer: just check their ridiculous beliefs.

  3. is not a credible reference Agilemover??

    I think you will find that many more blogs and news sites have run this story as it is true.

  4. I guess the asgilemover does not use a wrist watch, clock, internet, motor car etc to find the time of salaat or get to the place of salaat hadith only speaks about seeing the positions of the sun for times of prayer and walking to it or riding a camel or horse to prayers.

    Second, no one has the right to call non-Muslim someone who recites the kalima and follows other Islamic rituals such as salaat, saum, zakat etc. Sunnis who played a prominant role in proceedings of the parlaiment in having Ahmadis declared non-Muslims tried the same arguments in front of independent courts in Singapore and South Africa and the courts declared Ahmadis to be Muslims.

  5. Mr. Zahid, declaring Ahmadis as non muslims is a totally justified and logical decisions which is based on the facts presented by their advocate and their books…. So please don’t compare the 2 situations and be biased….

  6. This is totally fake news and a one to deceive people…… The author of the news is requested to provide credible reference. Otherwise, the site will be complaint to authorities….

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