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Sahih of Bukhari by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali


The link below is a pdf translation and commentary of the Sahih of Bukhari by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali.

It has been totally reformatted and retype set. However, it has not been proof read. If any of our reaers have any proposals for corrections or further improvements please let us know as all help will be welcome.

Please feel free to download and read it by clicking

Download (PDF, 4.97MB)

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  • VirtualMosque
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    VirtualMosque VirtualMosque



    Please use Internet Explorer and visit this blog post again and you will see the download link.

    For some reason it does not seem to work with Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • Rizwan Jamil
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    Rizwan Jamil Rizwan Jamil


    AOA to all. im a sunni here. i want to get this translation n commentary. but i cant see any download link here. any one can help?

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