Reverting to Idol Worshiping

Allah put an end to idol worshiping, but are we steadily heading back that way

Verses 9:31 and 29:17 of the Holy Quran are used to show that whereas Islam was revealed by Allah to put an end to idol worship, Muslims have fallen into the same trap and started worshiping idols. This includes unquestioningly obeying political and religious leaders because giving them correct advice for example may harm promotion prospects. This is akin to believing that it is these people who have in their hands these people’s future and not Allah.

In this speech we use examples from scientific research to show that holding people to be above question will mean that man’s mental faculties and thinking is stifled, restraining scientific research and development.

Worse still Muslims go to graves of saints of days gone by and pray to them to intercede with Allah on their behalf. This is actual idol worship.

If you are not able to watch the video above, then you can listen to the podcast below

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