Ramadan is more than just fasting

Year after year millions of Muslims around the World fast, as prescribed to us by our faith.

In this speech we look at how many modern Muslims in the UK seem to only stand by the fasting aspect of this blessed month and ignore the fact that we should be making behavioural changes.

If you are a smoker who gives up for Ramadan, and promptly goes back to smoking then you have not participated in Ramadan.

A Muslim must make sure that they change their behaviour for the better every year.

We also look at the recent commercialisation of this blessed month, the big corporations looking at the money that can now be made from Muslims.

Don’t like video? Then you can listen to the podcast below

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  1. Zainib

    Jazak Allah, very beneficial khutba about preserving the spirit of Ramadan. I remember a dear friend advising women to complete Eid shopping before Ramadan begins, so they are less distracted by shopping during the Holy month.

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