Qadianis’ once again turn to our beliefs to save themselves

The video above is a Youtube video, in Urdu, of a question-answer session taken by the late Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib, the previous khalifa of the Qadian jamaat. In the extract, he answers the question: Why do non-Ahmadi Muslims not consider Ahmadis (i.e. Qadiani jamaat) to be Muslims.

The answer by Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib is in two parts. In the first, he says that the Qadianis have the same beliefs as Sunnis. He says that both of them believe that a prophet shall appear after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). They only disagree about who that prophet is, or will be.

Firstly this demonstrates that the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement is the only Islamic movement in the world which believes that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) is absolutely The Last Prophet, after whom no prophet, old or new, shall appear.

In the second part, Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib, then goes on to say that, for 12 years, the Promised Messiah patiently tried to explain his claim to Sunnis without calling them kafirs. He was patient to the extent that, a close relative of his who was an Ahmadi, appointed Maulvi Sana ullah, a vociferous opponent of the jamaat, as a teacher and imam for his family. After 12 years, the Promised Messiah pointed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s)’s Command, where the Prophet (s) said that if one reciter of the kalima calls another reciter of the kalima a kafir then the caller himself, becomes a kafir. He said that although he still did not call anyone kafir but by calling him a kafir, his opponents bring themselves under this Command of the Prophet (s).

But this is not the Qadiani stand. This is the stand of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. The Qadiani stand is given in the book “The Truth of the Split” by Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, the Qadianis first khalifa. It says that even those Muslims who has not even heard the name of the Promised Messiah are kafirs. Mirza Tahir Ahmad did not mention this!

So how do the Qadianis’ deal with the issue of the writing in this book? At another question-answer session, we provided a Qadiani with photocopies of the relevant pages from this book and requested that he ask if Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib was saying about kafir is correct then what did these pages of The Truth About the Split mean. Mirza Tahir Ahmad was left speechless, became angry and admonished that person for speaking to members of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement! This is how they deal with people who ask them questions about the writings of the people they believe were appointed by Allah to lead the Muslims.