Q&A: Islam spread by force?

Recently on one of our Youtube channel videos a person posted a comment claiming that early Islam was spread through violence and was not a peaceful religion. This led to us receiving a few emails asking us to answer this allegation.

Therefore today, in our special Q&A section, we shall be answering the following question;

Did the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) take over Arabia by force?

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After making his claim to be a prophet of Allah the Holy Prophet (s) remained in Makkah for about 13 years. He and his community were severely persecuted by the non-believers at this time. Muslims would have their legs tied to different camels and the animals would then be run in opposite directions, tearing them apart.

Many Muslims had to flee to Ethiopia for safety. They were pursued even to that country by the Makkans but the king refused to hand over the Muslims. Once the whole of the Muslim community was boycotted and they were not even sold food by the non-believers. This lasted for 3 years.

When the Holy Prophet (s) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (r) went to Taif, a town near Makkah, to preach Islam they were stoned. Hazrat Abu Bakr covered the prophet with his own body to protect him. Bruised and bleeding they found sanctuary in an orchard outside Taif and hid there from their tormentors until it was safe. As they lay exhausted it is said that an angel appeared and asked whether he should destroy Taif for its inhabitants misdeeds. The Holy Prophet (s) replied that he was sent as a mercy to humanity and these people should be forgiven because their children may embrace Islam.

It was after plots were hatched to assassinate the Holy Prophet that he fled to Medina where a small community of Muslims had grown up. Not content with driving him out of Makkah, the Makkans attacked Medina. All the battles which took place were on the outskirts of Medina which shows that Muslims were only defending themselves.

The Holy Quran tells Muslims that if the opponents incline to peace even though it may be to try and trick them, Muslims should accept this offer.

Most tribes became embraced Islam when they saw egalitarian and humane society which was developing in Medina. A society where a man was judged by his qualities and not his lineage or colour, a society where all people were equal before the law and where the Prophet of Islam (s) himself and his household were subject to the same law as others.

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