Police tear down minarets on Ahmadi Mosque

The police approached the community on Friday after a local cleric complained that three worship places for Ahmadis had features that resembled mosques, namely minarets and verses from the Quran written on the walls.

The minarets and verses were covered up, apparently to the police’s satisfaction, but a baying mob gathered at one worship place the next day and demanded that the minarets be torn down. The police did so. The group of protesters is now demanding that similar action be taken against two other worship places within a couple of days.

Persecution of Ahmadis in the name of Islam continues. September 7, the day of shame for Sunnis, is used to stir up mobs against the Ahmadiyya Movement and its holy founder Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. All manner of falsehood is propagated against Ahmadis without there being any opportunity to respond. The fact that in South Africa twice and in England once the courts of law have accepted Ahmadis as Muslims. This is the real face of Sunni Islam and sharia that they want to impose on the United Kingdom

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