Police Raid on a Berlin Mosque

Some UK news media have carried a news item stating that ‘Berlin Mosque’ has been raided by the German police searching for terrorists.

The name ‘Berlin Mosque’ is synanomous with the first mosque to be built on the continent. The headquarters of this organisation, now located in Lahore in Pakisan, built this mosque in 1924. Throughout its existence the Berlin Mosque has preached peaceful co-existence.

The news item itself contained the name of the area where the mosque that was raided is located and the name of its imam. However, the heading creates the impression that it is ‘The Berlin Mosque’ which was raided by the police as opposed to a mosque in Berlin.

Shahid Aziz, President of the UK branch of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Associations for propagation of Islam, said:-

It is essential that at this time when the name of our peaceful religion is associated with every violent act, we make clear to the media in the UK that it is not the mosque belonging to this organisation that has, or even suspected of having, any links with a terrorist organisation. We abhore and denounce all acts of violence and believe that the future lies in peaceful co-existence and dialogue. We request the media to bring this to the attention