Pickpockets arrested in Prophet’s Mosque

The Holy City of Madinah is the second holiest place in Islam after Makkah. Ramadhan is the holiest month. Muslims yearn to be able to spend Ramadhan in Makkah or Madinah and walk the streets that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) did while fasting. And yet Arab News reports that Muslims were caught pick pocketing during the holiest of months in the holiest of places.

The thieves were arrested during Ramadan under a plan implemented by the police director of the region, Brig. Gen. Saud bin Awad Al-Ahmadi. The plan involved deploying police detectives inside the mosque and the courtyards surrounding it to prevent any kind of pickpocketing activities.

Madinah police Col. Fahd bin Amer Al-Ghanam, said, “Three of the arrested are Egyptian, three others are Pakistanis, and a seventh is from Nepal.”

One can only lament at the spiritual state of the people who carry out such acts and wonder what kind of education they received in their homes and schools.

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