Persecution of Christians Shames the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) Legacy

I urge all Muslims to read this article by a Christian. A Christian who understands what the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stood for, believed and preached.

The author asks:

How would Muhammad treat Christians around him? If he were alive today, what would he say about Muslims’ violence towards Christians in Egypt and elsewhere around the world?

And that is what we have to consider. How did our beloved prophet treat Christians, indeed all non-Muslims. The article tells us how.

A useful example to consider is the letter which Muhammad sent to Christian monks at St. Catherine’s in the Sinai, Egypt, in the year 628 AD. At the time, Christians sought refuge from persecution and violence, and Muhammad wrote a letter to the community to tell them that he would do everything in his power to secure their safety.

The vast majority of Muslims in the world say that we must follow the example of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and yet go on to behave in a way which is completely the opposite of what he taught and what he did.

And that was why the Messiah promised to the Muslim world had to appear – to take Muslims back to the real teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

One thought on “Persecution of Christians Shames the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) Legacy

  1. No thanks to living as a despised second class citizen under Sharia and made to pay a poll tax for beng a non-Muslim not allowed to repair my church and under threat of losing “protection” for any perceived slight to a Muslim or maybe a Muslims neighbor wants something I have, land, my daughters, and registers a blasphemy case against me to have Muslim mobs murder me. Keep your protection! Equality under the law for all time is the only way.

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