Pakistani students being left behind

In a recent report on the “islamisation” of the well known Quaid-i-Azam University in Pakistan, it was claimed that a private school in Lahore has dropped human reproduction from the biology syllabus after an outcry in the conservative Urdu-language press claiming it was “obscene.”

If this is true was have to ask ourselves firstly what is the point of teaching any of the biology syllabus and secondly how do you produce doctors and nurses?

For the University to buckle to this sort of extremist pressure is extremely worrying and is one more sign that Pakistan as a nation is falling further behind not just India, its neighbour, but the rest of the World.

It is such nonsense that is making a mockery of Islam. But just like in India under the British when everything English was kufr and haram until Muslims woke up one day and found themselves decades behind other people and unable to get decent jobs, the same thing is happening again. Will Sunni religious leaders learn this time? Of course not!

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