Pakistani Children Taught to hate at School

the hate content in textbooks has more than doubled since the last time they were revised. For example, some 30 Grade 5 to 10 textbooks published in Punjab, examined in 2009, were found to have 12 instances of biased material that could be considered “hate content.” In 2012, the textbooks underwent a curriculum revision. After another review, the total number of quantifiable instances of questionable or factually incorrect material went up to 33

The Sunni idea of a national textbook which almost every child in Pakistan must study is to propagate hate against the minorities who live in the country.

Modern Hindus are referred to as “gangsters” and Christians are referred to as “violent crusaders, and Jihad is explained only as “waging a holy war against infidels”.

Successive Governments have failed to make long term changes to these hate books, due to the power that Sunni religious leaders possess in the nation.

No meaningful change will ever occur in Pakistan as long as these Sunni extremists exert such power.

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