Pakistan Green Lights Anti-Ahmadi Gatherings

To mark the 39th anniversary of the passing of the second amendment of the Pakistani constitution, which declared Ahmadis non-Muslims, a coalition of anti-Ahmadi religious groups met at a vast conference of their own. The event, held in Lahore, was marked by incendiary speeches that called for further economic and social isolation of the Ahmadi community. Some speakers even hinted at violence.

Mufti Muneebur Rehman, a prominent cleric who heads a committee responsible for sighting the moon at the start and end of the holy month of Ramadan, likened Ahmadis to fifth columnists. He alleged that members of the Ahmadi community were involved in “suspicious activities” and ominously added that “serious measures” should be taken against them.

When Sunnis come to Western countries they demand that their religious practices and beliefs are respected, as is evidenced by the debate going on about allowing Muslim women to wear niqab’s in courts of law. Yet, they are not prepared to extend the same courtesy to minorities living in Sunni majority countries like Pakistan, who because of persecution are being forced to migrate to other countries. Sunnis cannot even tolerate Muslims who disagree with them and Muslim minorities such as Ahmadis are barred from even practising Islam let alone propagating it. Here is an example of the Sunni tolerance that will be imposed on the West as well if Sunnis are allowed to hold sway here.

Original Source: The Independent Blogs

One thought on “Pakistan Green Lights Anti-Ahmadi Gatherings

  1. If the word Sunni means following the Sunnah of the HP Muhammad, then those who call themselves Sunni Muslims should ask which sunnah of the HP involved boycotting minorities? Islamic history demonstrates that the rights of Minorities at the time of the HP were protected.

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