Pakistan Embassy claims that Ahmadis are safe in Pakistan

The following statement was issued by the Dep’t of Consular Affairs of the Pakistan Embassy;

If Mr Veerawit Tianchainan of the Thai Committee for Refugees Foundation has been quoted correctly, he is wrong to claim that members of the Ahmadiyya community “would be executed for their religious beliefs” if they were in Pakistan. Consistent with the spirit of Islam, the constitution and state laws of Pakistan respect the freedom of religion. There is no question of “execution” for being Ahmadi.

Furthermore, a vast number of Ahmadis live peacefully in the country and are making a contribution to national development as citizens of Pakistan. Many are serving in the armed forces and civil administration or otherwise pursuing their businesses. In sum, there is no persecution at state level and the government is making all possible efforts to provide security and other safeguards.

As for incidents of violence at religious places, it should be noted that many public areas including mosques and shrines of some of the most revered Muslim saints have been indiscriminately targeted in recent times. There is absolutely no justification for such acts. There is also no justification for any misrepresentation of the situation, as the reported comments of Mr Veerawit appear to do.

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