Pakistan Drone Strikes Visualised

The graphic doesn’t pull any punches, animating a chilling barrage of thin, arced lines to illustrate the concentrations of strikes across the timeline, which extends to the most recent attack on March 22nd which killed three alleged militants. Meanwhile, tiny squares representing casualties are “buried” below each data point. Of those deaths, only 1.5 percent have been senior al-Qaeda leaders and other “high value” targets; the vast majority (noted on the graph as “Other”) have been alleged militants, which the US government designates as any male of military age present within the areas drones surveil, as well as a sizable percentage of civilians, including children. “Are their deaths worth the cost of all the other lives we take, not to mention the effect this has on the general population living in fear?” Grubbs asks

The above article breaks down the horrific truth of the devastating loss of life that is occurring in Pakistan due to the American drone policy.

Over three thousand people dead, most innocent men, women and children but all justified by the American Government as the strikes have resulted in the deaths of forty seven so called high profile targets.

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