[Video] The Destruction of Qadian

I visited Qadian recently and the staff of the Qadian proudly showed me their renovations. It is sad to say that rather than renovate they have destroyed the historic buildings in Qadian. The original building had bare brick which has been plastered over, as raising the mosque obscured the Minara tul Massih from view a […]

The juice that is against Islam

It seems that narrow minded lawyers in Pakistan are trying to stop people from drinking a juice drink from manufacturer Shezan because it is said that the company is owned by a Qadiani. Recently, The Express Tribune reported on a decision taken by the Lahore Bar Association. These lawyers, some of whom vocally supported convicted […]

Anti-Ahmadism in India

Indians, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, must learn from the sectarian developments in Pakistan, and make every effort to stop any expression of sectarian prejudice in public contexts. A few days back a small headline in the Urdu daily Munsif (Hyderabad) caught my eye: “The Worst Attempt at the State Level to Declare the Qadianis Muslim.” […]

The line between ‘reporting’ and ‘mouthpiece’

What is the line between ‘reporting’ and ‘mouthpiece’? When is a reporter simply telling about an event, and when is he amplifying a political message? This is not an easy question – it raises important questions of neutrality and professional responsibility in journalism, as well as what is media’s role in society. But whether or […]

Sunni Justice

In what Human Rights Watch called “a sad day for Indonesia,’ a court Thursday gave astonishingly light sentences to religious fanatics who led a frenzied mob that killed three members of the Ahmadiyah sect on video to between three and six months in jail. An estimated 1,000 Muslims descended on

Learn from Pakistan

A rapidly increasing coarseness of feeling and language against Ahmadis does not bode well for Indian Muslims in particular, and for India, in general. The above picture appeared in at least two Urdu newspapers on April 12. I captured it from Hamara Maqsad (New Delhi). Yes, the man sporting a long beard and angelic white […]

Jinnah considered Ahmadis as Muslims

As our anchors and TV channels commit national and logical suicide by referring to Ahmadi Mosques as “marakaz” and “Ibadgahs”, we must remind ourselves of the views of Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah who relied heavily on the Jamaat Ahmadiyya and its brilliant son Ch. Zafrulla Khan (whose younger brother was killed recently). Jinnah not only […]

New Publication: Correction of an Error

Dr Zahid Aziz has produced in book form a revised translation of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s pamphlet “Ayk Ghalati Ka Izala”, with explanatory notes and other important information added on the subject. I believe that this new publication is the most comprehensive book refuting specifically and in detail the false notion of the Qadiani Jamaat […]

Sunnis are Kafirs

Advances in the medium that is the internet mean that Qadiani lies can be exposed instantly and they cannot, as they did previously, expound contradictory teachings in different countries across the world. In his press conference held to comment on the attacks on the Qadiani mosques in Lahore. Their representative said that Qadianis believe that […]

Confronting Strangers During Conflict

Sanctity of human life in Islam can be judged from the fact that even at time of war when faced with a stranger who uses the Islamic salutation, assalamu alaikum, one must not harm such a person but accept him as a Muslim and then check the truthfulness of the claim. The investigation should be […]