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Fighting at meeting over status of Ahmadi

From The Guardian: A scuffle broke out on Tuesday between the two at a gathering of Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) when the chairman, Mohammad Khan Sherani, called on the group to consider whether Ahmadis, who are declared non-Muslims by the constitution, should be considered murtads that have rejected Islam. A declaration [...]


Khalifa of Islam

The word khalifa is an Arabic word meaning successor. That is why Hazrat Abu Bakr (r) was called khalifa because he succeeded the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When he passed on and Hazrat Umar (r) became the head of Muslim state, a new title had to be found for him and the term ‘Amir ul Maumineen” was coined. Earlier Kalifa’s [...]


Ahmadis are not Muslim

In Pakistan, most say Ahmadis are not Muslim September 7 is a day of shame for Pakistan. That is the day when in 1974 the Pakistani National Assembly declared members of the Qadiani and Lahori branches of the Ahmadiyya Community to be non-Muslims. Every year rather than lament this disgraceful event it is celebrated notwithstanding the fact [...]


Shia, Ahmadi, Hindu? Then Run for Your Life

Forbidden from calling themselves Muslims, Ahmadi children are expelled from school once their religion is discovered. Just a hint may be enough to destroy a career. Knowing this, the school staff at a high school in Mansehra added the word “Qadiani” to the name of an Ahmadi student, Raheel Ahmad, effectively eliminating the boy’s [...]


Imran Khan fails before he has even begun

Imran made it clear that he believes in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and added that those who support the Qadianis are neither Muslims nor can they be protected under the set-up of an Islamic state. The above statement from Imran Khan is a damning indictment of his pledge to reform politics in Pakistan. It seems he is just [...]


Ahmadis’ have no right to vote in Pakistan

Photo from a non-Muslim or Ahmedi cannot register to vote. Any Ahmedi or Qadiani found on the official electoral rolls would be summoned by the Revising Authority. Their appearance before this authority would be mandatory within 15 days of receiving notification. The person shall then be required to sign a declaration agreeing [...]


Sunnis destroy mosques rather than propagate Islam

Six minarets of an Qadiani place of worship, Baitul Hamd, were demolished by the Kharian city police Tuesday night. The demolition took place on the application of Saqib Shakeel Ghazi, Syed Iftikhar Kazmi and others from the Barelvi religious organisation called Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Islam. It had been filed to the Kharian police station. The [...]


[Video] Beliefs of a Mujaddid

Many members or ex-members of the Qadiani jamaat have recently claimed to be mujaddids. The list includes people in Canada, Germany, Scotland, Mauritius and Pakistan. However, the question is whether someone who has held totally wrong beliefs about the fundamental teachings of Islam can be mujaddid or a reformer. These gentlemen believed that [...]


More Muslim than the Muslims

The persecution of Ahmadis, a black listed minority sect of Islam, continues and during the first two months of this year three members from the minority sect, the Ahmadis, were murdered in target killings. In response to the persecutions in an effort to prove themselves more Muslims than the fundamentalists, the National Database and Registration [...]


[Podcast] Destruction of Qadian

[audio:] I visited Qadian recently and the staff of the Qadian proudly showed me their renovations. It is sad to say that rather than renovate they have destroyed the historic buildings in Qadian. The original building had bare brick which has been plastered over, as raising the [...]