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Islamic finance system ‘may benefit Guernsey’

A Guernsey investment expert believes the island could benefit from adopting an Islamic finance system. The asset-based system avoids most speculative investment and borrowing. The bank and investors involved share the risks and rewards. Toby Birch, from Birch Assets Ltd, said it was similar to a system adopted at the end of the Napoleonic [...]


Reply to our Sikh friends

A number of our Sikh friends have sent comments regarding Hazrat Mirza sahib’s description of the conditions under which Muslims lived under Sikh rule in the 1800s’. This is a reply to their comments. httpv:// The original videos which raised the debate can be found by clicking on the [...]


Significance of Wuzu

Dr Javad Ahmad shows that the techniques of Wuzu taught by the Holy Prophet (pbum) fifteen hundred years ago have now been made compulsory for surgeons prior to undertaking an operation. [FLOWPLAYER=,425,300]