Niqab wearing women reply

We spotted this article in The Times newspaper in the UK.

It is a response from the “niqab-wearing” brigade and is well written and well argued.

It misses out one point, perhaps deliberately that the West cannot both argue that it gives everyone freedom to practice their religion as they choose and, at the same time, ban niqab etc in France and Belgium. As long as a woman is not forced to wear a niqab, it is up to her to decided what she wears.

There is one error in the article. The verse of the Holy Quran quoted to justify niqab does not support this interpretation. It asks women to throw their head-covering over their bosoms. The only women asked to observe seclusion and use the niqab were the wives of the Holy Prophet. This was because of the sensitivity of their position in the society, especially in view of the lies spread about Hazrat Ayesha. The main point is if a woman wants to wear a niqab why should anyone tell her not to or vice verse.

You can read this excellent article in full below.

Download (PDF, 80KB)

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