New Pakistan Government fails to stop Ahmadi persecution

For some time now anti-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya (Jaamat) activities have been escalating all over Pakistan and particularly in Lahore. The members of Jamaat have been mercilessly tortured and rebuked in public over fake and felonious accusations. They have been threatened physically and mentally tortured and now live in fear of their lives. They have even been harassed while offering funeral rites for their dead. In Lahore, the person leading these inhuman and illegal activities is Muhammad Hassan Mavia, the son of Hafiz Muhammad Suleman, commonly known as ‘Tooti’. He plays a prominent role in activities against Jamaat members and is the principal complainant in the fabricated cases against them. For this he has also launched a group whose job it is to watch and report on Jamaat activities and make malicious plans to entrap Ahmadis in bogus cases.

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