Muslims should NOT apologise for the Paris attacks

Was Paris an attack on our freedoms?

Should all Muslims apologise for the acts of these killers?

In this khutba Mr Shahid Aziz, the President, of the UK Jamaat examines the events of the 7th January 2015 when masked men broke into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people in an apparent attempt to revenge the cartoons the magazine published mocking the Holy Prophet (s).

If you are unable to watch the video, then you can listen to the podcast below.

2 thoughts on “Muslims should NOT apologise for the Paris attacks

  1. What you should apologise for is being stupid enough to believe in 1) a supernatural supreme being who made us and wants us to worship it in just the right way and 2) that the psychopath who was muhammad was his lastest and bestest PR man on planet Earth.

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