Muslims kill their own brothers

And so we bring shame upon ourselves once more.

In the breaking news on Friday, media outlets from around the world reported how Muslims had stormed two mosques in Pakistan armed with automatic machine guns and grenades.

These attacks took place during Friday prayers, in a co-ordinated attempt to murder as many of their fellow Muslims as possible.

Muslims killing Muslims under the veil of Islam.

“Muslims are savages, they stand up in unison to condemn pictures of their Holy Prophet, but sit silently whilst there fellow Muslims murder countless fellow human beings around the world.”

The above was posted a few months ago on a random forum. There is certainly some truth in the quote above. Where is the revolution? Why have we not brought down this violent minority? Do we really want to? Is our sacred religion so easy to twist that someone has justified to these gunmen, that it is their duty and in the name of Allah, that they murder fellow Muslims during Friday prayers?

Islam has become synonymous with terrorism in the 21st century, a new generation of hatred and fear has been bred. Any Muslim is seen as a viable threat and a new world of Big Brother has been ushered in by Governments trying to protect their citizens.

Muslims have truly changed the face of this world, for the worse.

The news broke only a few hours before our own Friday prayers in the UK, and our video below is a response to what happened.


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