Muslim student harassed at hearing about mosque

A Muslim student journalist covering a hearing in Tennessee about a mosque cemetery was harassed and told that Islam was “not a religion” and she was “scary.”
Noor Tagouri was in Tennessee covering a hearing about a mosque cemetery that was upsetting people when she was harassed by opponents of the cemetery and former Congressional candidate Lou Ann Zelenik. Tagouri caught it all on video and it has since then gone viral.

Zelenik told her not to film as she didn’t want to be put on Iranian television and receive death threats. One man accompanying Zelenik told Tagouri, “You’re the one that’s lying. It’s [Islam] not a religion, it is a political ideology.”

So much for the great freedom of expression that people extol in the US! has reported that a young Muslim student was harassed simply for trying to cover a local public event. She filmed the whole episode which shows that even those who held political office openly and confidently abuse Muslims knowing they will not be reprimanded or prosecuted. And the US tells that it is the Muslim countries of the World who do not allow freedom of speech.

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