Muslim doctor and sister helped convict pro-Isis hate preachers on Oxford Street

From The Independent:

A Muslim doctor and her sister have been praised for helping convict two pro-Isis hate preachers after challenging them and taking pictures of their propaganda to the police.


Sisters Asmaa and Reem Al-Jufaisha, 36 and 24 respectively, confronted the two men after seeing their stall in Oxford Street to rally support for the terrorist group.


Despite the men hurling abuse at them and calling them “khuffar”, a term used by extremists to insult those who aren’t Muslim, the women persisted in their confrontation.


They took pictures of the stall and the leaflets being handed out, which bore the Isis logo, and brought them to police.


Ibrahim Anderson, 38, and Shah Jahan Khan, 62, are now facing prison after being unanimously convicted of inviting support for a banned organisation at the Old Bailey, which they denied.

Some media outlets have consistently failed to mention that it was two Muslim women who confronted these men and tried to stop them. Since the above story was published both men have been convicted and jailed. The incredible thing about this story is that the Muslim women had to report these men to the police three times before they took any action!