More insulting cartoons and more extremist reactions

Lars Vilks has followed in the footsteps of others in recent times of producing a cartoon which depicts the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a derogatory way. This had led to a predicable uproar from extremists, with numerous arrests of people who had directed death threats at Vilks.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophesied that three generations after he passed away, whether Muslim accept his claim to being the Promised Messiah or not, they will accept his interpretation of Islam.

This article shows that this is happening.
Insult and abuse of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is nothing new. It started when he made a claim to prophethood and continues till this day. So we don’t have to wonder how we should react to it, we have the Holy Prophet’s example to guide us.

But people should also remember that, regrettable though it is, the extreme reaction of Muslims against such cartoons comes from their love for the Holy Prophet.
Let me ask people what their reaction would be if I called their wife or daughter or mother a whore? If they hit me and they are arrested the law would reduce their punishment by saying that I provoked them. I do not have freedom to use such terms for those whom others love.

On the other hand those who cry freedom of speech should remember that “unrestricted” free speech is not allowed by any country. In Austria one is not allowed to question holocaust. In most of the West any criticism of Israel is automatically labelled anti-Semitic. No country allows white people to use insulting language for black people. In the UK for example, it is a criminal offence to use language which is going to disturb racially harmony.
Why did the UK government ban Farah Khan’s entry into the UK? The reason was that in the US he had made attacks on the Jews and the government felt that it was not conducive to public order to allow him into UK to express his views.

No such considerations apply where attacks on the Holy Prophet are concerned! By publishing such cartoons and comments these people are playing into the hands of extremists and they are not doing any service to the cause of freedom of speech.

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